Don’t forget To Vote September 21-25!

  • Realtor for 12.5 years
  • Professional Development Forum for 5 years
  • Chairman of Professional Dev Forum for 2013 and 2014
  • Grievance committee for 3 years
  • Professional Standards for 2 years
  • Risk Management committee for 2 years
  • Risk Management certified
  • Gold Key certified
  • Chairperson of the year for 2014
  • Professional Development for Florida Realtors 2014 and 2015
  • Education Audition Panel for Florida Realtors

Hi, my name is Kathi Adkins.

Happy to have you visit my site.

I have been volunteering at ORRA for many years and felt running for director was the next step. I am in trenches just like you all, helping my clients buy and sell their homes and investment property. I see what needs to be done, I see our challenges and I see all of us working hard to serve our clients. You will be voting for new leadership, a changing of the guard if you will. Vote in a no nonsense team that will meet those challenges head on.

This year I was honored to be chosen Chairman of the Year. I am also on the Professional Development committee for ORRA and Florida Realtors. By being on the Professional Standards Committee I have seen first-hand the issues we deal with every day when it comes to ethics complaints and professionalism issues. I believe we should always strive for a higher level especially in the eyes of the public. I am ready to meet those issues head on.

I would appreciate your vote for Director September 21 through September 25.


If you would like to discuss our business or have any questions please email me at or call 407-310-7524.